Marketing Professional from Gurgaon, India

10 Years of experience in marketing and effective brand management for both
domestic and international markets. A proven track record of successfully executing marketing , BTL, and on-ground activities & implementing brand communication plans.


Trade Shows

60+ Domestic & international exhibitions


Brand Activation

10000+ Stores retailer/dealer branding done


Cantor Advertising

100+ On ground marketing activities done globally

Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, PPC, ORM, Social Media for various industries


2000+ marketing content created. photoshoot/videoshoot

Marketing is often considered the lifeblood of a brand, as it helps create awareness, build loyalty, and attract new customers. Even the best products and services can fail to succeed without an effective marketing strategy in place. Marketing enables brands to communicate their unique value proposition, differentiate themselves from competitors, and establish a strong brand identity.

However, marketing efforts cannot stop after achieving initial success. Brands must continue to invest in
marketing to maintain their market position and stay top-of-mind for consumers. This includes not only
traditional marketing channels like advertising and PR, but also newer digital marketing channels like social
media, email marketing, and content marketing.

Overall, marketing is an essential component of any successful brand strategy. Without it, even the most
innovative and high-quality products and services may struggle to gain traction in the marketplace.

I am currently working with GROZ TOOLS, and responsible for marketing, advertising, and branding.




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